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Специализация:Пищевая промышленность

Год основания:2012

Лицензия:AB 9287199

Директор:Brit Elin Soleng

Адрес:Bergen, Норвегия. Froya, 7266 Norway/Bergen,8299 Norway.



Описание: To work at SalMar production, you need an open work visa from the Kingdom of Norway, you can open a visa through our authorized person in Ukraine, Saroz Yuri Mikhailovich, Viber for submitting documents including "Ukrainian passport, Foreign passport, photo 3.5 x 4.5 4 pcs passable face 80 %, CV to email To work you need 82 employees. Submission of documents until 11/23/18 Departure from Kiev by a group 01/28/19 Official work from the direct employer! Living on the territory of the plant is calculated from the salary of 230 euros a month! Food free two-single in production. Passing age at work 18-58 Flights at the expense of the employer! There is no payment for services like scammers in Ukraine. You can familiarize yourself with the contract on Viber +380 68 877 5605 Soruz Yuri Mikhailovich

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